SMPH Room Reservations

Room Reservations, a unit of Shared Service IT, manages the School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) online reservation system (EMS).  The system provides online, centralized access for faculty, staff, and students and UW Health employees to search and submit room reservations in Health Sciences Learning Center (HSLC), Clinical Sciences Center (CSC), Medical Foundation Centennial Building (MFCB), and Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WIMR) for in-person learning, meeting, and collaborating.

Visit the FAQs below for more information.

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LOG IN to make a reservation request

BEFORE YOU BEGIN!  Your account must be fully activated before you can access the online system. Account not activated yet?  Click How do I Activate My Account? below.



Standard Log-In for UW Health and NON-NETID email address

*NetID’s are automatically uploaded from the UW system in EMS and you may be listed as “pending.” Do not “request an account” as EMS will not recognize this as a “new” request. Follow the instructions below to Activate Your Account.

How Do I Activate My Log-In Account?


If you have a NETID, email your first and last name, NetID email (, phone number, reason for access, and the SMPH department you work within or program you are a student of to the Room Reservation Group.

If you are a UW Health employee, we can activate emails as Standard Accounts. Send your first and last name, email, phone number, and the UW Health Department to:

If you require changes to your account, are leaving employment, or switched departments, or want to clean up your group, email our staff with all the relevant changes and we will update your account on the administrative side:

What is the Online Room Reservation System?

The medical campus online reservation system, Event Management System (EMS), is hosted by the UW Department of Information Technology (DoIT) and managed by the SMPH Room Reservations group

This platform is a centralized portal for SMPH and UW Health faculty, staff, and students to access and reserve instructional, meeting, and event space within the medical school campus. The rooms in the system are primarily lecture halls, conference and meeting rooms and study space.  This includes the Health Sciences Learning Center (HSLC), Clinical Sciences Center (CSC), Medical Foundation Centennial Building (MFCB), and Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WIMR).

Depending on your position and department you will have access to a variety of instructional, study, training, meeting, or other event spaces and equipment/furniture. With the system’s tools and functionality you can search for specific features (room configurations, locations, technology, sizes, etc) reserve individual meetings, as well as recurring and even a varied series of reservations. This includes the ongoing ability to access and review current and former reservations, make edits/cancellations to upcoming event details, and reserve certain furniture or event equipment you may need.

With hundreds of rooms included within this centralized system, standard requests for space should be properly submitted via a fully activated user account. General requests submitted via email will not be processed. Please see instructions on account activation, and special request procedures outlined within the other tabs and email Room Reservations with any questions.

The Room Reservations office also coordinates the EMS system separately for specific SMPH departmental spaces under MOUs, including the Surgery Department, Wisconsin Psychiatric Institute and Clinics.

Guidelines and Policies

When Can I Make a Room Reservation?

SMPH and the Room Reservations Team prioritizes academic/timetable courses and the academic mission of the school, which is reflected in our Room Reservation Guidelines. Therefore access to the online schedules are released by the semester and not annually. Please review the order of prioritization outlined within the Room Reservation Guidelines for clarification.

If you are attempting to request space further out than the current semester and the system appears to have an error, it is likely that the schedule is not open for general access yet. Many access schedules can be found by clicking the “about” button next to the specific template you’re considering once logged into your online reservation account.

Questions? Contact the Room Reservations staff:

Instructions for Using the Online Reservation System (EMS)

Basic Event Management Software (EMS) instructions EMS-Basic Room Reservation Instructions

How To Edit or Cancel an Event in EMS Edit or Cancel a Reservation

How to Videos coming soon!

For questions about EMS, contact the Room Reservations staff:

Moveable Equipment and Furniture Requests

Lecture halls and meeting room come with standard AV equipment managed by the CAVS office.  To see what is included in a room, log into the online room reservation system and select the preferred building template.  The list of rooms are hyperlinked to the room’s features, including pictures and a list of all the equipment.  Check there to make sure you have what you need.  Should you need something else, visit the Moveable Equipment and Furniture template.

Extra moveable furniture and equipment are reserved through the online room reservation system, for example, extra tables to serve food on, or to host a blood drive with, or display posters, or to have extra trash cans for a large meal service.  CAVS can provide five (6-foot-by-3-foot) tables, 35 chairs, 40 poster boards and five announcement boards.

After you log in, under the Reservations templates, choose the ‘Moveable Equipment/Furniture Reservations’ template.

When ordering extra tables, chairs, signage, etc…consider the template “Moveable Equipment and Furniture” similar to the building templates, and each items is similar to booking a “room”.  Order the equipment in the same methodology as booking rooms.

Equipment and furniture reservations are automatically confirmed and are not reviewed by staff.

All extra tables, chairs, etc…should be picked up and returned at the Classroom and AV Services (CAVS) in 1240 during normal business hours.  If you have questions about the equipment, reach out to the Classroom and AV Services office.

HSLC Atrium

The HSLC Atrium requires a separate request form to be submitted for review and approval. Please email the Room Reservations Group to confirm if your prospective date is available before submitting a request. Be sure to review the Guidelines linked below to ensure that your plans align with appropriate usage.

HSLC Atrium Guidelines: HSLC Atrium Reservation Guidelines

Request Space: HSLC Atrium Use Request Form

Atrium Standard Setup: Atrium Setup

Reserving HSLC Equipment:  As part of your event you may need tables, chairs, announcement boards, poster boards and other items. Classroom and AV Support can provide five (6-foot-by-3-foot) tables, 35 chairs, 40 poster boards and five announcement boards. Users are responsible for setup and return of these items to storage.  Tables, chairs and audio/visual equipment for the Atrium can be reserved online.

You may also need the furniture in the atrium moved. Feel free to move furniture as you wish. If you need assistance moving furniture, contact Physical Plant Campus Services. This service is provided at a fee. Please note that along the north and south sides of the atrium are corridors that should be kept clear.

AV Support:  Our AV staff are available for technology support as-needed, but will not be dedicated to any one event as it is a small group supporting various buildings and several hundred rooms. Your group is encouraged to do a test run of the technology or ask any questions regarding training in advance of your event in order for you to function as autonomously as possible.

At the conclusion of your event it is your responsibility to return the Atrium to the standard Atrium Setup.

Extra trash cans can be provided upon request by contacting Classroom and AV Services at 608-261-1934.

FOOD SERVICE: For more information about food in HSLC, see below in the “Food in HSLC” section.

Images for possible Atrium event configurations:


For questions about the HSLC Atrium, contact the Room Reservations staff:

Interactive Learning Center (ILC)

The Interactive Learning Center (ILC) in the Health Sciences Learning Center is a flexible learning space comprised of four separate quadrants from 3110A through 3110D, each with its own independent A/V system, tabling, chairs, and whiteboards. You can reserve the space in a variety of configurations outlined within the ILC use request form.

3110A has an occupancy of 64 and 3110C has an occupancy of 64. All four rooms together holds 320.

Requests for ILC quadrants must be submitted no later than four business days prior to the event.

The Classroom and A/V Services team will have the wall partitions between each room properly configured prior to the start time of the event. People using the room are allowed to move tables and chairs into any sort of configuration they desire. Please note that the tables are wired into floor boxes and can only move a foot or two in any direction before it becomes necessary to unplug them; we kindly ask you plug them back in when you are finished.

Extra tables, chairs, announcement boards, garbage cans, and the like can be reserved via our online portal.

Food and alcohol can be served in the ILC under special circumstances, the details of which are found at the bottom of the reservation form. Users must leave their quadrants in a clean and tidy condition when they’re done using them, absent of all garbage; failure to do so will result in you and/or your department getting billed by the SMPH for cleaning and resetting time.

To reserve the ILC, fill out and submit this form to the Medical Education Office (MEO):

ILC Reservation Request Form

Audio Visual and Technology in Reserved Rooms

SMPH Classroom and AV Services (CAVS)

CAVS Website

Phone: 608-261-1934

Location: 1240 HSLC (Near the snack stand)

Online Support Form

Our Team

Lecture Capture

To request a lecture capture of your session, fill out the Lecture Capture Request Form:

More about Lecture Capture

HSLC After Hours and Weekend Access

If you have a reservation on a weekend or during non-business hours in the HSLC you must notify the Building Manager, Doug Pollard (, (608) 265-0858), in advance to coordinate doors being unlocked for your event.

Call the HSLC Security Office 608-262-3058 if rooms are locked on the day of the event.

What is the Status of UW Health and the Clinical Sciences Center (CSC) regarding COVID?

Message sent to UW Health faculty and staff:

Message on the UW Health Link:

UW Hospital and Clinics Update March 4, 2022

As COVID-19 case volumes continue to fall, guidance related to mask wearing at UW Health will be revised soon. Beginning Saturday, March 12, faculty and staff will only be required to wear masks in areas where patients and their families are likely to be present.

These areas include:

  • Places where patient care or regular patient interactions occur, such as clinics, inpatient units or registration
  • Places with regular traffic from patients and visitors, such as main entrance ways, cafeterias and elevators

Administrative buildings such as the Administrative Services Building (ASB) or Administrative Office Building (AOB) will no longer require mask wearing. If staff are uncertain whether an area meets the criteria for this change, they should continue to mask in those areas.

While masks are no longer required in certain locations, they are still highly encouraged as COVID-19 continues to spread in our community. Faculty and staff are expected to utilize good judgement, particularly in the following scenarios:

  • Faculty and staff who received a waiver from our mandatory vaccination policy are expected to continue wearing a mask in all indoor locations
  • Faculty and staff who have had a recent known exposure to COVID-19 are recommended to continue wearing a mask in all indoor locations

While we welcome the ability to make limited changes to our safety guidelines as COVID-19 case volumes drop, there are no changes for the following at this time:

  • Visitor guidelines remain unchanged, including the requirement that all visitors must wear a mask
  • Physical distancing guidelines are still observed
  • All faculty and staff are required to get their COVID-19 booster as part of UW Health’s vaccination mandate

Thank you for your continued commitment to our patients, families, and each other.

What if Your Reserved Space is Occupied When you Arrive?

SMPH meeting and conference rooms should be properly reserved through the online Room Reservation System, and include all times you or someone from your group will be present within the space, including setup and teardown. Once reserved, the person who submitted the request will receive a Confirmation email. Always double check the date, time, and location, including setup and tear down times, are listed accurately on the Confirmation email. You can also review this information within your online account under the “My Events” section.

If you arrive and the room you have reserved is occupied, double check your reservation to confirm the date, time, and location using the Confirmation email or the Building Schedule.  Many events occur consecutively on the schedule, but the online system will never allow for double booking of any location.

If your reservation time has started, please knock and ask if the other group will be finishing up soon because your group has reserved the space now. If there are any concerns about discrepancies please reach out or encourage them to reach out to the Room Reservations staff at (

If the room is locked when you arrive please consult the resources listed on your building specific confirmation email for who to contact regarding access.

Food in HSLC Space

Food is allowed in most spaces in HSLC.  Food is allowed in the HSLC lectures halls and we recommend you serve the food outside the lecture hall.  This requires reserving the space directly outside the lecture hall and ordering tables for the food to be served on.  If you require a larger space, reserve the Atrium.

Water: You may need a water source for catering for your food service.  Reserving room 1203 HSLC in addition to your lecture hall or Atrium in order to access a sink with running water or to store catering carts and supplies may be helpful.

Tidy up: Chances are another group is coming into the space soon after your group ends.  Wipe down tables and tidy up before vacating the space, as you would want done for your group.

Serving Tables:  Tables to serve food on are ordered through your online account using the Moveable Equipment and Furniture template.  Tables are picked up and returned to Classroom and AV Support office in 1240 HSLC.  If you require more tables than the CAVS inventory, you should order them through Facilities Planning and Management.  The Atrium should be returned to the standard Atrium Setup when the event concludes.

Food Delivery: Food Delivery is best handled on the north side of HSLC in Parking Lot 74.  There is a unloading zone for deliveries.

Licensed Vendors: Food must be provided by a licensed food caterer or vendor.  Consider using a campus food service operations such as Housing and the Wisconsin Union.

Insurance: If you are providing food from an off-campus vendor, you must obtain a Certificate of Insurance or check to see if one is already on file at UW Risk Management office.  This must be filed or on file with the UW Office of Risk Management before the purchase order is issued or invoice paid. Forward the certificate of insurance to Risk Management at 21 N park St Ste 6214, Madison, WI 53715, or by fax to 608-262-9082 or          Pro-tip:  Popular off-campus food providers are most likely already on file.  Check to see if the food provider already has a certificate of insurance on file:

Campus Catering Policy:

Planning an Event on Campus and Per Diem Policy:

Food Safety and Licensing from EH&S:

For any other questions about having food in HSLC, contact the Room Reservations staff:

Alcohol In HSLC Atrium

Serving alcohol is allowed in HSLC as long as you follow the guidelines regarding the campus policy of having alcohol at an official university sponsored event.  Campus takes serving alcohol seriously and cares about liability.  If you are serving alcohol, the important thing is there is a licensed, trained vendor who accepts the liability, or that you apply for a permit so that you accept the liability.

Event coordinators should consider how serving alcohol beverages supports their mission and values when planning the event. Alcohol beverages should only be served if more than 2/3 of the anticipated attendees are expected to be of the Minimum Legal Drinking Age. The department should consider contracting with the Division of University Housing, the Wisconsin Union, or other fully licensed caterers to provide refreshments.  (see Food in HSLC for more information on certificates of insurance.)

If the department chooses to provide the alcohol without using a licensed vendor, it must obtain an Alcohol Beverage Service Permit and comply with all requirements. A member of the department must complete responsible employee training and agree to serve in this role. One responsible employee is required for the first 50 attendees and each additional 25 attendees. The permit must be signed by an authorized university official. Events over 150 attendees require special approval from UW Police Department and the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration. Alcohol Beverage Service Permit:

Campus Policy on Serving Alcohol:

Serving Alcohol Scenarios:

Building Schedules (HSLC, CSC, MFCB, WIMR. WARF, WisPIC)