Help Desk

SMPH Shared Services IT provides desktop, laptop, printer, consultation, and general technology support to the SMPH Deans Office, Academic Affairs, Medical Education Office, Ebling Library, Department of Neuroscience, and Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology.


  • High availability DoIT VIP Phone Support for all general or basic technology questions over the phone or email.
  • Advanced support and technology consultation and advising.

Getting Started

For all general and basic support issues contact DoIT VIP support: 4-4357, Option #5,

For all other issues and SMPH Shared Services IT request forms go to

Provided By

  • Shared Services IT


PHONE or EMAIL:  DoIT VIP support: 4-4357, Option #5,


Available To

SMPH Deans Office, Medical Education, Ebling Library, Neuroscience, and Cell and Regenerative Biology.