The DoIT GitLab instance is available to SMPH groups to host your codebase, track issues, collaborate on code, and continuously build, test, and deploy your app with built-in GitLab CI/CD. Departments within SMPH can have a folder created under the top level SMPH or SMPH (Public) folder. Individual groups or teams can have their own group folder within the department folder. Groups and projects under SMPH (Public) are visible to unauthenticated users; groups and projects under SMPH require NetID authentication.


Using frees you from licensing, installing, and maintaining your own instance of Git. This instance features the Ultimate tier features of GitLab. SMPH department IT Directors can request delegated administration of groups and projects for their department.

  • The campus instance of Gitlab has these advantages over Github:
    You use the campus license agreement as opposed to an Individual License Agreement without the same level of protections.
  • You get support from DoIT Shared Tools and are also able to meet with a knowledgeable Gitlab technologist.
  • Authentication and identity management is handled by and aligns with NetID, which lowers the overhead to accessing your account or finding the account of another UW-Madison user.

For more information on appropriate use of the shared GitLab instance, see:

Getting Started

There are several ways you can request a GitLab group for your GitLab projects:


Projects should follow the SMPH GitLab – Public, Internal, Sensitive, and Restricted Data Guidelines.

Groups and projects that need to be accessed by the public or anyone without a UW-Madison NetID will be located under the SMPH (Public) folder. Groups and projects that are internal are located under the SMPH folder.

For more information on using GitLab for research, see DoIT GitLab for Research.

The DoIT GitLab Projects document has important information on restrictions and appropriate use. In particular, projects should not exceed 2 GB in size and cannot be used to store restricted datasensitive data, PHI or any other class of data that’s not for general consumption.

Available To

SMPH Departments

Request a new GitLab subgroup

Contact your IT Director or manager.

Request a new department group

Email the SMPH Application Support team

Submit a request through the Service Desk Ticket Portal

Contact the DoIT Help Desk