Cybersecurity Consulting

We have a broad base of Cybersecurity knowledge and experience. Contact us to provide cybersecurity consulting and advising on a broad range of cybersecurity topics. For example, identifying the various information assets that could be affected by a cybersecurity attack (such as hardware, systems, laptops, data, and intellectual property), and then identifying the various risks that could affect those assets.


  • Collaborative consultation on cybersecurity projects and issues
  • Alignment with SMPH and UW Madison IT Policy
  • Procurement questions
  • Policy and compliance questions
  • Vulnerability management questions
  • Options for securely transmitting data
  • Identify potential cybersecurity risks
  • Provide risk remediation and reduction consultation
  • Provide secure architecture and design consultation
  • Provide compliance consultation


  • Provide the description and use case
  • Provide background and current status
  • Provide the data types involved with the system
  • Purpose and scope of assessment if applicable

Getting Started

Contact or 608-265-6677.

Available To

SMPH faculty and staff