Computer & Lab Hardware Support

SMPH Shared Services IT Provides desktop, laptop, printer, consultation, and general technology support to the SMPH administrated and supported Basic Sciences departments. This includes the purchase, setup, configuration and ongoing support of research lab computers for data acquisition and analytics.


  • High availability DoIT VIP Phone Support for all general or basic technology questions over the phone or email.
  • Advanced support and technology consultation and advising.
  • Helps to ensure compatible and sustainable lab computer purchases and support
  • Assistance with microscope and lab vendor equipment computer software/connectivity
  • Disaster recovery imaging for data acquisition computers
  • Ensures all computer systems comply with UW-Madison and SMPH security requirements

Getting Started

For all general and basic support issues contact DoIT VIP support: 4-4357, Option #5,

For all other issues and SMPH Shared Services IT request forms go to Support forms.

Available To

All supported Basic Sciences and SMPH administrative departments.

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