Cloud Collaboration Software

We support all UW–Madison official cloud collaboration software packages such as Box, Google G-Suite, and Office 365.


  • Your intellectual property is protected when using enterprise software from UW–Madison. When you use your personal accounts or share your documents with anything other than a UW‑Madison email address, you lose protection of your intellectual property and you give Google, Box and Microsoft the license to use, host, store, and modify your content.
  • Assurance that UW‑Madison collaborators using their emails are authenticated by their UW‑Madison NetIDs.
  • Get free support from the DoIT Help Desk.
  • Unlimited storage for your files and documents for Google and Box, 1TB limit with OneDrive.

Getting Started

UW Madison Collaboration tools: Google Drive vs Box vs OneDrive

Provided By

  • Shared Services IT


UW-Madison Box

UW-Madison G Suite (formerly Google Apps)

UW-Madison Office 365



Available To

SMPH Deans Office, Academic Affairs, Medical Education, Ebling Library, Neuroscience, and Cell and Regenerative Biology.