Research Computing Platform (RCP)


The School of Medicine and Public Health, in collaboration with UW Health, provides a secured, HIPAA-certified, private cloud within the UW Health firewall for HIPAA research computing needs called the Research Computing Platform (RCP). The RCP offers a library of Windows and Unix-based virtual machines (VMs) that can be configured for individual study needs to meet research team needs.
RCP offers space for large data sets, copies of the data, and the tools for researchers to translate their projects from raw data to grant proposals and publishable papers. Looking for the resources you need to focus on your research? The RCP team may help!

Requirements for using RCP

• All members on the project team will need to have a Computer Systems Access Request (CSAR) form specific to the project (see CSAR instructions on the RCP FAQ).
Note: If a member of the project does not have a UW Health account, one will be created when their CSAR is processed for the project.

• Permission from the IRB for requested data to be stored within RCP and accessible by the specified project members.


Each study will be a defined project where users are allowed to do analysis and create results. A Project Id is established for project requests and handed back to the research team. All future requests for project enhancements will reference this Project Id.
The RCP team will collect the required information to get your project established and will return to you your Project Id.

Closed Environment

We take care in keeping all PHI safe and meeting all campus PHI requirements, therefore, all PHI is only release with proper IRB approval.

The SMPH Honest Broker determines the eligibility of data that is available to all researchers in the platform before the data are released to the project. The Honest Broker will check to make sure that RCP is the intended storage location for the data through your IRB. As researchers request to withdraw products of the analysis, the Honest Broker completes a similar process.

Analysis Result Requests

Analysis result requests are delivered according to the HIPAA-nature of the result. Please see the FAQ details on analysis result requests on the FAQ