Fill in the requested information
A new RCP request is created. It can be viewed by viewing the Research Compute Platform report.
Automation tasks are created
Request to build the infrastructure. This includes Shares, Groups, SFTP site SFTP account.
Notice the Research logs TAB that details the status of the task.
Request sent to Security to review and approve CSAR. The approver tab shows who received notification to review the and approve the request.
Research Logs will so the status of the task
First step that will what for an action approval is sent to the SMPH RCP team to acknowledge that the research data set has been uploaded
Once the request is approved by the SMPH representative a new approval workflow is created. This approval is sent to the Honest Broker group so they can complete the review of the data set.
At this point the researcher can log into the research desktop and will have access to the data.

Screen Shot
Go to the
New Service Portal
By entering RCP into the search box you will see options both for creating a new project and modifing aspects of an existent project.
Fill in the appropriate blanks to create a new project.

  1. Research Project Name: Give the project name if available. Check CRDS ticket for name
  2. Internal Review Board(IRB) Number: Give the IRB number if available. Check CRDS ticket for IRB Number
  3. Clinical Research Data Service(CRDS) Request Number: Inserting this number links the RCP-V1 project to the original data request.
  4. Primary Researcher(PI): Check CRDS ticket for PI if not yet known
  5. Collaborators: Give what information here??
  6. Software: Not used yet.
  7. Add attachments: Add all CSARs and anything else needed
After submission of the new project request type “reports” into the filter naviagtor.
after filtering on “reports” you will see this on the left. Click the “View/Run”
Now you see perhaps more reports then will fit on one screen. It will look something like this. You may have to move through a number of pages of reports to find the “Research Compute Platform”.
Click the “all” button in this widget to look for reports only found that way. This is how to find the
Research Compute Platform report.
This control at the bottom of full pages lets you move back and forth between pages of reportys and other places.
When you find and click on the “Research Compute Platform” report, you will get multiple pages with 10 RCP projects per page.
Clicking on one og the project IDs(RCP0005517) will drill down into that project and you will see something like this: