How to Edit or Cancel an SMPH Reservation in EMS

Log in to the EMS online booking system using a NetID or Affiliate email (non-netid)

EMS log in landing page

The view your created reservation, click My Events

image of My Events link to view or edit your reservations

The list of the reservations you have made through the system are listed here.  View the Status (right hand column) to see if this reservation has been confirmed or is still Tentative, Pending or Wait Listed or some other status.

Image of reservations created in the user's account

To view events cancelled in your account, click the check box include cancelled reservations.

To view the details of your reservations, both multiple series reservations and single bookings, click the blue title to open the reservation to see all the details of the reservation.

Image of title of reservation in My Events

To view your online confirmation, click View Reservation Summary

Image of view my confirmation online using View reservation summary

You can email this reservation summary from this page.  See the circle in yellow for the tool to email this confirmation from the online system.

Image of view reservation summary


To Cancel a whole Reservation with all the bookings, click X Cancel Reservation (circled in yellow)

To Cancel One Booking in a larger series reservation, click the circle with the white minus sign under the word Remove

A pop up will ask for the reason for the cancellation. Click Yes, Cancel Booking

If you cancel a booking in a series, you will notice your online confirmation in the View Reservation Summary will also no longer have the cancellation listed.


To Edit the Overall Reservation or to edit an single booking in a series, click Edit Reservation with the pencil icon underneath the title or to Edit the Individual Booking in a series using the pencil icon under the word Edit.

image of edit my reservation tool.

Click Booking Tools for a larger set of tools including a group date change feature and a group time change feature


The confirmation will update in View Reservation Summary with the new edited information.  Depending on the building, primarily HSLC, you will be emailed a second confirmation.

Image of view reservation email summary