Instructor Tips for Online Synchronous Session

Instructor Session Best Practices

Prepare for your session:

  • Test your connection. During your test, you will want to use the ‘settings menu’ to ensure that your microphone and webcam are working properly.
  • Chrome.  Chrome is the recommended browser to use.
  • Prep your materials. Upload files and arrange the windows. The first time you share your application screen, your browser may require you to install the Desktop Sharing extension.
  • Make your slides available ahead of time. Upload all slides, videos and pictures to Canvas.
  • Communicate expectations. To enable a higher level of engagement during session, let students know its expected that they are on camera and their mic works.

During your session:

  • Allow early arrivers. Let your students join the session early (15 minutes) to test their connection.  
  • Have lecturers or guest speakers introduce themselves.  Always make sure the lecturer/guest speaker is introduced or introduce themselves, don’t assume the students know who it is.
  • Include Q&A. Encourage participants to ask questions and be sure to give them enough time to unmute their mic and speak up.  Encourage the use of the ‘Raise Hand’ and ‘Chat’ feature.  Monitor frequently. 
  • Mute everyone at the beginning.  Mute everyone prior to the session starting.  Remind students to unmute if they would like to talk and mute once they are done.  Background noise can be very distracting.
  • Make eye contact. If you are sharing your video, look at the camera and not the session. It may feel weird but it helps participants feel more like they are a part of the session and less isolated.