Creating a Reservation with Multiple Bookings In A Recurring Series

Log in to the EMS online booking system using a NetID or Affiliate email (non-netid)

EMS log in landing page

Select Create a Reservation to reserve or request space.

Reserve or request a space landing page image

SMPH assigns a standard grouping of templates based on your SMPH status (employee, student or departmental only)

The list of SMPH templates assigned to you will have SMPH – before the spaces you have access to.  These typically include HSLC, CSC, WIMR and MFCB, among others.  There are also some campus templates that are assigned automatically by campus. You can book space in those templates, too.

Dates for how far out you can book are based on template type which is based on priorities for SMPH for courses and education.  The About Button will have these dates listed.

If you are attempting to book farther out than your template allows, this means the template is not open for general booking yet. View the About button for when the template will open farther out in the calendar year.

SMPH Reservation templates image

To view information about the template and dates the template opens into the future, click the About button.

About Button on SMPH template.

To request or reserve space, click the Book Now button on the Building you want to book space in.

Book now button on template image

To book one reservation for one day with one or a few rooms, click here for instructions on booking a single reservation with one or a few rooms.

To book one reservation with Multi Bookings in a Series over time with recurring meetings (weekly or monthly) including different rooms, days and times, follow the instructions below:

Click the Recurrence button next to the Date*

Create a reservation landing page image

A search window will pop up.

Fill in how often it repeats (daily, weekly, monthly)

Fill in On day of every (1, 2, 3,) or on the (1,2,3 – week day of every – (1,2,3) month (s)

Fill in how often it occurs (1, 2, weeks, etc…)

Pick the day or days it repeats

Fill in the Start Date and the End Date or the number of occurrences.

Fill in the Start Time and End Time (remember to include your arrival and set up time and your clean up and tear down time to buffer your meeting book ends)

Click Apply Recurrence.

Review that you have the recurrence criteria you need in the paragraph circled in yellow below.  Click Search.

Another Option:  If this will be a randomly selected set of dates, using the drop down under Repeats and select the option of Random.

This will allow you to click the days and dates manually.  Click the month arrow to advance to the next month to keep going through the semester

Using your mouse, click the days you want this meeting to occur and they will fill in blue as you select the days.  You can go into the next months, as well.

Fill in the Start Time and End Time.

Click Apply Recurrence.

Review that you have the recurrence criteria you need in the paragraph circled in yellow below.  Click Search.

A grid will appear with all the rooms in your desired location with a list of how many times a room is available on the days/dates/times you require.

If you need to see what the features of the room are, click the room name to view room features, images, and resources. A pop up window will display Room Details, Features, Images and Availability

image of tabs on the rooms features pageimage of a tab of images on the rooms resources tabs page in EMS


Rooms available for booking in your requested date and time search will have a green circle with a white cross in it.  To book the space, click the green circle with the white plus sign next to the room you would like to book.

A pop up window will ask you for the attendance and may fill with pre-loaded room type. Fill the attendance expected in and click Add Room button.

image of EMS pop up window when a room is selected.

A report will generate with how many rooms you are reserving during the dates/days/times you are seeking.  See the circle in yellow below for where to see this.  In this example below, it is 7 out of 7 times.

Notice the booking grid no longer has that space as an option to book as the green circle with the white cross is missing from that room.

If you do not have all the rooms you need to create your series booking reservation, DO NOT CLICK CREATE RESERVATION YET, go back to the search features and select individual dates and continue adding different rooms/dates to the same developing reservation being built.  This includes different times and different rooms and different dates.  Once every room and day you need are added to this one reservation, then you click Create Reservation in green and it packages the series into one reservation with multiple bookings.

This features also helps Room Reservations know that in the event that a group might need to be relocated, there is a less likely chance a recurring booking would be moved over an individual request and it only confuses people to have to change a location when they are used to pattern.

Image of a second booking on one reservation.

When you have all the rooms booked on one reservation, click Create Reservation.

There are FIVE (5) fields to be filled in to create your request.

1.) Title

2.) Type of Event

3.) Group* Select your SMPH group using the drop down arrow

4.) 1st Contact – Select your name from the list of members of your group.

(If your group or contact information is missing or wrong, contact Room Reservations so we can update your account)

5.) Click Create Reservation

Image of fields required to be filled in to book the reservation.

A window will pop up confirming that the reservation was created will appear and then the option to Add to my Calendar.

If you add to my calendar, the whole series will download into Outlook and populate the Outlook appointments into the calendar with the location listed in the location line.

Once downloaded into the calendar, you can add invitees to it and add web meeting and send it out.  The recipient needs to accept the invitation per usual in Outlook.

If you cancel the reservation in the online system, it does not cancel the Outlook appointment.  You would need to cancel in both places.

image of pop up window once reservation has been created.

T0 view your created reservation, click My Events

image of My Events link to view or edit your reservations

The list of the reservations you have made through the system are listed here.  View the Status (right hand column) to see if this reservation has been confirmed or is still Tentative, Pending or Wait Listed or some other status.

Image of reservations created in the user's account

To view events cancelled in your account, click the check box include cancelled reservations.

To view the details of your reservations, both multiple series reservations and single bookings, click the title to open the reservation to see all the details of the reservation.

Image of title of reservation in My Events

To view your online confirmation, click View Reservation Summary

Image of view my confirmation online using View reservation summary

You can email this reservation summary from this page.  See the circle in yellow for the tool to email this confirmation from the online system.

Image of view reservation summary


To Cancel a whole Reservation with all the bookings, click X Cancel Reservation (circled in yellow)

To Cancel One Booking in a larger series reservation, click the circle with the white minus sign under the word Remove

A pop up will ask for the reason for the cancellation. Click Yes, Cancel Booking

If you cancel a booking in a series, you will notice your online confirmation in the View Reservation Summary will also no longer have the cancellation listed.


To Edit the Overall Reservation or to edit an single booking in a series, click Edit Reservation with the pencil icon underneath the title or to Edit the Individual Booking in a series using the pencil icon under the word Edit.

image of edit my reservation tool.

Click Booking Tools for a larger set of tools including a group date change feature and a group time change feature


A confirmation will be emailed to the email address associated with this SMPH account.

Image of view reservation email summary