Webex Unified App – How to Make Calls

  • Be sure you are signed into the Webex Unified App: Login Process for Webex App
  • Your Webex App account lets you call anyone who has a phone number. When you call like this, it is just like making a regular phone call from any other type of phone. If you want to call your favorite restaurant to make your lunch order, call them right from the app, and place your order.
Image of Webex screen with a dial pad on the right and a list of contacts on the left
Image of Webex dial pad screen
  • Access to a dial pad is available if you are set up with a phone service such as Unified CM (Cisco VoIP).
  • See the dial pattern so you know how to call people on or off campus.
  • Go to icon image of a phone, enter a phone number in the dial pad, and then choose whether you want to make it an Audio icon image of a phone or Video Icon image of a video camera call.
  • You can even place a call from your app header. Just click  Search Icon image of a magnifying glass, meet, and call, enter the name, email address, or video address, and then press Enter to make the call.
  • After your call connects, you won’t be able to turn on your video, but you can click Icon image of a circle with three dots to get access to advanced calling features. You can put your call on hold or transfer the person to someone else. With some configurations, you can also merge calls or start a conference call.

Getting Started

If you do not already have the Webex Unified App on your work computer, contact Shared Services IT and they will install it for you.

For personal computer installation or for more detail “how tos” visit the DoIT knowledge base article for Getting Started Using the Webex App

Note: SMPH Shared Services IT recommends users switch from Cisco Jabber to the Webex Unified App for a phone client. Cisco Jabber will be no longer supported after April 2023.

(created 12/9/2022)