Webex Scheduler Replacing Webex Productivity Tools

(dated: 8/11/2022)

Within the month, Webex Productivity Tools will be replaced by Webex Scheduler as the supported add-in tool for Outlook Desktop Client and Outlook Web Access. DoIT will be deploying the Webex Scheduler update.  No further action should be required on the users part.

What You Need to Know:

  • The install does not require Productivity Tools to be uninstalled first.
    • SMPH Shared Services IT customers will have Productivity Tools removed from their machines automatically over the next month. You will need to close Outlook in order for the process to complete.

What is Changing:

  • You will no longer see Webex along the main ribbon of Outlook Desktop.
  • To schedule a Webex meeting, go to Calendar >”New Appointment”  or “New Meeting”> then click “Add Webex Meeting”.
    • Note: You may be required to sign into Webex with your email@wisc.edu account.
    • If needed, the portal for Webex is uwmadison.webex.com.
Image of screen shot of Outlook Calendar pointing at New Appointment
Image of Outlook calendar pointing at step one of click New Appointment and step two of Add Webex Meeting

How To Video (no sound): How to schedule a meeting with Webex Scheduler in Outlook Desktop (Windows)


Productivity Tools is the scheduling tool that enabled users to quickly schedule Webex meetings in Outlook Desktop Client. This tool will no longer function as of July/August 2022. The tool is currently unsupported on MacOS, and the final release (42.6) for Windows is scheduled for June 2022

Resources and Troubleshooting:

Get Support:

If you’d like assistance getting the Webex Scheduler Add-In, please contact SMPH Shared Services IT at support@med.wisc.edu