Keep Your Computer Compliant with the Latest OS Release – Upgrade to the Windows 10 Release

Stay in compliance with SMPH Endpoint Security Policy – 60.10  and get all the latest Windows 10 features by keeping your Windows 10 installation up-to-date.  Twice a year Microsoft releases a new version of Windows 10, adding new features, fixes and improvements and at the same time, stops providing updates and security fixes for older versions of Windows.  As of May 2021, the oldest supported Windows version is 1909, so you must be at version 1909 or newer to be compliant. For a full list of compatible versions of Windows, click here.

To determine the version of Windows running on your system, right click on the Start Menu, then select Run.

From the Run dialogue, type winver and press Enter to display the installed Windows version.


Note: Please backup any local data prior to upgrading your system. To upgrade your system, please click on the white W with the red background  in the system tray to bring up IBM BigFix Support Center. Wind From BigFix Support Center, select Windows Upgrade to 20H2 and click Here to accept offer and start the installation.  Please note the installation can take up to two hours to run and the computer will prompt you to restart upon completion.  If you have questions or need assistance, please contact