Keep Your Computer Compliant with the Latest OS Release – Upgrade to the latest macOS

Stay in compliance with SMPH Endpoint Security Policy – 60.10 by staying up-to-date with the latest Software Updates for your macOS.   SMPH Shared Services IT recommends upgrading to the latest macOS, but only after the .2 release.  This allows time for any major issues to be addressed before upgrading.  The current macOS is version 11.3, Big Sur.  Apple supports the current and last two releases of macOS with security updates.  This means you need to be running Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15) or Big Sur (11) to be compliant.

To determine the MacOS of your system, click the apple logo in the upper left corner of your screen and click About This Mac.

Before updating, determine if your system is compatible with the update.

Prior to upgrading, make sure any data or documents stored on the Mac is backed up, preferably using Time Machine.  Big Sur requires a minimum of 35GB of free space and Catalina requires a minimum of 12.5 GB of free space to perform the update.

**Note:  If you are currently running Mojave and want to update to Catalina or Big Sur, Apple stopped supporting 32-bit applications after Mojave.  Any 32-bit applications will need to be upgraded to 64-bit to function in Catalina or Big Sur.  Please contact SMPH Shared Services IT if you have questions regarding application bitness at

To check for available updates, click the System Preferences (gearbox icon) in the Dock, or choose Apple menu > System Preferences and select Software Update.

If updates are available, they can be installed by clicking Upgrade Now.  When you click Upgrade Now, it will start by prompting to download the update which can take some time depending on available download bandwidth. Once the update is downloaded, the installation will begin.  Expect the update to take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.