Tips for Giving or Getting a New Phone or Computer

The season of giving is upon us, and technology gifts are on top of many people’s lists, but don’t get put on the naughty list! Here are helpful tips when giving or getting technology gifts.


If you get a new smartphone, tablet or computer, follow DoIT’s advice about making sure you have MFA-Duo set up properly.

Microsoft Office 365

To get email and calendar on your new device, you will need to install Outlook (Office 365).  Only Microsoft clients (Outlook/Office 365) are fully supported by DoIT, however they also have the instructions to configure the native mail/calendar app for your device on the same page.

Data Transfer

When replacing a smartphone or tablet, find out from the manufacturer (Apple, Samsung etc.) or your service provider (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) how to transfer data from the old to the new device.

Educational Discounts

Faculty and staff can get educational discounts through Apple and Dell for personal purchases.

Computer Systems

We recommend the following minimum (or better) specifications when purchasing a computer.

  • Intel i5 Processor (10th Generation or newer) / Apple M1 processor
  • 256 GB Solid State Hard Drive (HDD)
  • 16 GB RAM Memory

However, before getting a new personal computer with Windows 11 or Mac Ventura make sure the software (media players, photo editing, educational software, etc.) and hardware (printer, scanner, etc.) you already have is compatible with the new computer.

Holiday Gift Guide

Several top IT review sites have holiday gift guides out for 2022 for the techie on your list, or anyone who might need a little digital helping hand.

Tech Shortages, Delays, and Scams

One last thing, shortages abound! Products are taking longer to arrive, so plan ahead and also watch out for holiday scams!

(Created 12/9/2022)