January 8-9, 2022 — Major DoIT Storage Outage

There will be a major planned Campus storage outage 1/8/2022 – 1/9/2022 impacting all DoIT’s supported storage infrastructure. This is due to a relocation effort by DoIT to move their storage equipment to a new data center.  This storage outage will impact all the Basic Sciences departments, centers, institutes, and research groups supported by SMPH Shared Services IT, and any other units currently using DoIT provided storage. The outage includes all lab storage network drives, ResearchDrive, and RestrictedDrive used by PIs and labs. This will NOT impact any units using Medical School Active Directory (MSAD) which includes most of the Administration, Deans Office, and Academic Affairs units.

Below are the steps you will need to take for all computers that connect to the H:, P:, and S: network shared drives:

  • Sign out of all appropriate computers that are connected to the H:, P:, and S: network shared drives PRIOR to Midnight on Friday, January 7, 2022.
  • For all logged in computers, be sure to close all open files and programs connected to your H:, P:, and S: shared drives prior to the outage. If you do not close all open files located on the network shared drives you may experience data loss or file corruption.
  • Should you have an urgent requirement to work on any files from the H:, P:, and S: shared drives during the outage time frame, you will need to copy the files to an alternate location prior to midnight on Friday, January 7. You will be responsible for the backup of any offline files and to copy the modified files back to network shared drives when the drives again become available.
  • For status updates during the event, please refer to DoIT’s outage page: https://outages.doit.wisc.edu/

Please contact SMPH Shared Services IT if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Campus network storage outage.