SMPH VPN (GlobalProtect) and pre-login for Windows Computers

When working remotely on a Windows computer, Shared Services IT recommends you pre-log into the SMPH Virtual Private Network (Global Protect VPN) prior to signing in to ensure all your campus resources are available at sign in. This more closely mimics a campus wired computer connection.

Benefits of Pre-Logging in with GlobalProtect VPN:

  • Password changes are synced immediately to your local computer
  • Network printing connected upon login
  • Network drive access are available immediately
  • Refreshing your local account with the domain
  • Configuration and setting changes deployed upon log-in

Instructions for connecting to GlobalProtect VPN at Pre-Login: GlobalProtect VPN and Pre-login (Windows+OS)

More information about the SMPH Virtual Private Network (VPN) and GlobalProtect

(Created 4/8/2022)