Security Changes Coming To Shared Service IT Managed Windows Computers

To better secure our Windows computers, Shared Services IT is undergoing an effort to align ourselves with SMPH Security Policies and the Center for Internet Security ( best practices for securing client systems.  Employees will notice a change to the log in process requiring an extra step to ensure the computer and data is accessed by only the authorized user. 

The majority of the security changes happen behind the scenes, however; there are some changes that do impact the end user experience including a new pre-login warning banner, 15 minute idle screen lock timeout and a requirement to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete prior to login.


When the computer first starts up, you will now be required to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get to the login screen.  This is to prevent a spoofed login page from displaying and potentially capturing your credentials.  The notification to Press Ctr+Alt+Del will be displayed just above the time on the startup page.

Pre-Login Warning Banner

After pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete, you will be presented with a pre-login banner shown below. Click OK.

Idle Timeout

After 15 minutes of idle time, the computer will lock and you will be required to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to unlock the computer and be presented with the login page.