Room Reservations Reminder

As the university has returned to business-as-usual, the need for meeting space has steadily increased throughout the medical school campus.  This is a friendly reminder for those interested in reserving and using centrally managed SMPH rooms and spaces, there are systems in place, including a reservation system and room use guidelines, that are meant to insure a smooth and respectful process for everyone.

The SMPH Room Reservations team, a unit of Shared Services IT, manages an online room reservation system (EMS) to coordinate the reservations of hundreds of rooms across multiple buildings and thousands of users. SMPH community members have access to this system to book and edit space reservations on their own utilizing a web-based account or the room displays outside the room.  Your assistance mindfully utilizing these systems and following the guidelines will help facilitate effective scheduling and event coordination for your groups and others.

Room Reservations Guidelines

Best Practices for Booking and Using Spaces at SMPH

  1. Before utilizing an SMPH managed space, reserve the space via the online Room Reservation System or a display tablet at the room.
  2. When booking a reservation, include setup time for arriving/prepping and cleanup/exiting time.
  3. The Confirmation email you receive will have the details for the reservation.  Double check this for accuracy and keep it as a reference should there be a discrepancy upon arriving to your space.
  4. Only occupy the space during the time of your reservation, including setup/clean up time (see item #2).
  5. Respect the group prior to yours and do not disturb until the start of your reservation time.  If they are still in the space at your start time, knock and ask respectfully when they will be finished; usually they are just wrapping up.  If they believe the space is theirs, reference your Confirmation email and ask them to reference theirs to double check. No double bookings can occur in the online system.
  6. Exit by the end of your reservation time allowing time for cleanup of food, materials, return of reserved portable equipment to CAVS, and wiping soiled tables.
  7. Double check the time listed on your reservation to ensure you have what you need, including AM/PM accuracy. We regularly get lunch hour meetings scheduled at midnight.
  8. Clearly communicate start/end times and guidelines with anyone you’re coordinating reservations for, so all are in the loop.

Room Reservation Website and Contact Information

Review the expanded and updated SMPH Room Reservation Website with extensive information, links to guidelines, logins, and many additional resources. If you have any additional questions, contact the SMPH Room Reservations group at: 

(Created 12/9/2022)