Resources and Software for Personally Owned Computers

SMPH Shared Services and Campus IT offer numerous options to help you connect with work resources on your personal device. The following services are available to most staff and should help to automate or improve your workflow.

Password Vault

Having trouble remembering all your passwords? A digital password vault can help store them all.  You need remember but one master password for the vault. You can view each individual entry any time you need to from a variety of devices.  The University of Wisconsin has a site license for LastPass which works on PC, Mac, Mobile, and Web and safely stores your entries in a SSLsecure vault.  Passwords are encrypted and secured in LastPass. More in-depth information: LastPass Security 


One of the most used services on campus is Palo Alto’s GlobalProtect VPN. This software allows your laptop or mobile device a secure tunnel into the university network. This is especially useful if you are offcampus and need to access a resource that requires you to be at work or to keep you secure while on public wireless. SMPH now has their own portal ( that provides better performance and access to SMPH resources.
Obtaining Global Protect

Changing portal to (PC)

Changing portal to (MAC)

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine Hosting

Do you need access to a better computer for running workrelated applications, software, or printing but are using an old personal machine at home? The UW offers Azure virtual computers which can be remotely accessed and used to help for that purpose. Please Contact Us to inquire about Azure virtual machine use and options. More Campus information about Azure 

Lab IT Services for Basic Sciences

SMPH IT offers a variety of useful tools for Personal Computers to access lab resources. Everything from Remote Desktop to work machines, Wireless Printing (Mac), Research Drive Access, Temporary Administrative Rights, and Hardware Purchasing Assistance. You can find information about those and others on our Lab Bookmarks page

Campus Licensed Software and Cloud Storage

If you are a university employee or student you may be eligible, depending on classification, to use a variety of no charge, site-licensed software, and storage services from premiere vendors. For example, personal computers can use the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Creative Cloud suite, BOX, and Google Drive amongst others using your

For a full list of services see the UW’s Campus Software Library and KB.
Campus Software Library

(Created 12/9/2022)