Q+A with IT Colleague Dawne Burdick

What is your current role? 
I am the IT Manager for the Department of Medicine Helpdesk. My role includes overseeing the day-to-day operations of the helpdesk, supervising eight Helpdesk Staff and two Asset Coordinators. I also do all the ordering for the computer equipment in the Department of Medicine IT neighborhood and some basic customizations in our Zendesk ticketing software to meet our ever-changing support needs.
What motivated you to pursue this career? 
I have always enjoyed solving computer “problems,” I was typically the person my co-workers would ask for assistance – even though I was not an IT support person. I was looking to develop my career in a different direction, and it seemed like a natural progression to move into a dedicated computer support role. Since taking that leap – I haven’t looked back and have been with the Department of Medicine for 24 years.
Why are you excited about the IITC? 
I look forward to standardizing services across SMPH and tapping into the various expertise that different individuals will bring. I’m also excited to work with new people and develop new relationships within SMPH.
What do you hope the unified IIT Team can accomplish together?
I want to provide an excellent level of service that is the same for all our customers within SMPH.