FAQ about IITC & initial HR change

The Informatics and Information Technology Collaborative (IITC) is designed to unify all IT staff within cutting-edge service lines, enhancing the informatics and IT community’s capability to meet increasing HIPAA and security regulations effectively. This initiative, driven by Dean Golden’s prioritization of a secure and efficient informatics and IT infrastructure, is set for significant planning and structural changes leading up to and beyond a July 1 milestone. Despite concerns about the pace and inclusivity of this transition, the move aims to incorporate all departments and staff, leveraging their specialized skills for a more robust IT support structure. Staff roles and supervisory relationships will gradually evolve, with a focus on minimal disruption and maximizing opportunities for skill development and service improvement. This transformation, while initially raising questions about job security and changes in responsibilities, promises a collaborative approach to adapting and enhancing IT services for the SMPH community, with detailed planning and communication to address the needs and concerns of both staff and researchers.