Restart Reminder Notification

Keep your computer updated and running smoothly with weekly restarts of your Windows 10 computer.  Weekly Restart Reminder

Shared Services IT recommends all Windows 10 users restart their computer on a weekly basis. As outlined in UW IT newsletter article, Why restart your computer, there are many benefits to restarting including:

  • Many updates aren’t completed until you restart the computer
  • Restarting flushes your computer’s memory
  • Restarting shuts down programs that you may not need to have running, freeing up your processor for the tasks you need done

To restart your computer:

  • From the Windows Start Menu, select Power, then select Restart

To assist users in remembering to restart their computer, Shared Services IT is deploying a restart reminder that will notify the user if it has been longer than 10 days since the previous restart.  The message can be slept for up to 15 days, at which point the reminder can no longer be snoozed and will remain on the screen.

Restart Reminder: