Changing the way we communicate – WiscLists Migration

What action is required now?

As of June 1, the migration process is available for email list administrators, however it does not have to be done immediately.  The migration process should be complete across the university in December.

  • Any list of less than 3000 members can be easily transferred to Google Groups by pressing the migration button when logged in to the WiscList administration site and clicking on your list. The button enables a seamless transition for these lists to a new, modern service, while preserving your preferred security and list settings in the new software. This process takes about two minutes per list, and once migrated, the list is fully functional in Google Groups within about 10 minutes.  Each list that you are responsible for will need to be done separately.
  • If you have a list of more than 3000 members or are responsible for multiple lists, you can contact DoIT at for help converting the lists.
  • While most people will choose to use Google Groups because it has many of the same features as WiscList, Office 365 is an available option as well. Creating groups in Office 365 is a manual process where you must create the Office 365 group first and then add members to it.

Will I still be able to use the email?

Yes, with some limitations.

  • If you have converted to Google Groups, you will still be able to use your group as you always have. The address will point to the new address of  and will automatically forward those messages to your new Google Group.
  • If you switched to using Office 365, you will not be able to use the old email address to forward to the new group, the old address will no longer be usable. You must administer your list completely in Office 365.
  • The WiscList Admin site ( will be removed January 2021

Helpful links  has the answers to many questions about migrating your WiscList email list.  Getting started with Google Groups  Getting started with Office 365 Groups